At Evolution Technologies we tailor our solutions to your needs using mixed technology from our trusted partners. Our agnostic approach means that you get a fit for purpose solution and you are not locked into a specific telecommunications vendor.

With a 24×7 Network Operations Centre, Evolution Technologies can install, manage, maintain and support your private wireless networks, wireless networks and end users.


So Evolution Technologies has helped you get internet to your location, what next?

Well that’s easy, let Evolution Technologies take care of the rest. We can design, install and maintain all forms of connectivity from structured cabling, fibre, WiFi, WiMAX, Mesh Networks, NB-IoT and more. With a large team of qualified technicians, Evolution Technologies can help your organisation in providing the right connectivity solution, in a timely manner and at an affordable price. From simple Ethernet ports on a wall through to complete camp communications, our experienced team can work with you to deliver the right outcome.

End User

Backhaul + Connectivity = Enabled End Users

With a solid backhaul link and a fit for purpose connectivity design what you have is a workforce that is happy, productive and safe. Want to increase your production? You can now look at applications for end user devices, let staff access your intranet services, remote advice from head office or be part of meeting with no glitches. Evolution Technologies has access to partners that can provide ruggedised dual sim devices, ruggedised modems and mix technology communication solution.